Many life events can occur in the span of eight years. For me, I made it through a family crisis, two foot surgeries, an engagement, a wedding, purchasing our first home, going back to school, and having a baby.  Throughout these life events, the one constant I had was my workouts. However, when I was working out on my own, I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. My nutrition was all wrong, and I felt like I wasn’t using all of my potential. My husband, then boyfriend, had heard about Monte Sander’s through a coworker and suggested we both go to a camp. I was intimidated at first, to train under the one who trained NFL players, but I was willing to try anything. Anything to help me feel more confident like I was before I put on 30 pounds from college; that just didn’t seem to want to come off. After the first day of camp, I knew I had found what was going to get me back to the old me. Monte doesn’t just train you, he believes in you, and sees the power you have inside. As I continued to drop weight and tone, I had a power growing inside me. I found that I was stronger than I thought I was mentally and physically. Monte saw me through all of these life events, including my first pregnancy. I was able to safely train throughout my pregnancy, and after my daughter was born, I began training again. In one year, I lost 50 pounds that I put on during pregnancy, and gained back my confidence! Monte truly believes in people, and sees their true potential.  I don’t think these words can truly describe how grateful I am and how appreciative I am to have met Monte. How do you ever thank someone who completely changed your life for the better?

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