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In Person

Join Celebrity Fitness Trainer Monte Sanders in-person at one of his highly sought after fitness camps! If you’re looking for guidance, accountability and motivation, we’ve got a spot for you!



Don’t have time to make it to the gym? Who does these days? Don’t let that stop you from having the healthy and fit body you want! If you’ve got a phone, computer, tablet or TV you can workout with Celebrity Fitness Trainer Monte Sanders from the comfort of your home.

Everyone has a story. Our next success story could be yours!

Many life events can occur in the span of eight years. For me, I made it through a family crisis, two foot surgeries, an engagement, a wedding, purchasing our first home, going back to school, and having a baby. Throughout these life events, the one constant I had was my workouts. However, when I was working out on my own, I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. My nutrition was all wrong, and I felt like I wasn’t using all of my potential. My husband, then boyfriend, had heard about Monte Sander’s through a coworker and suggested we both go to a camp. I was intimidated at first, to train under the one who trained NFL players, but I was willing to try anything. Anything to help me feel more confident like I was before I put on 30 pounds from college; that just didn’t seem to want to come off. After the first day of camp, I knew I had found what was going to get me back to the old me. Monte doesn’t just train you, he believes in you, and sees the power you have inside... Read more

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MBS Fitness Lab

Monte Sanders is a highly sought after Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Expert. For more than 20 years, as CEO and Founder of M.B.S. Fitness Lab, Monte has been working to transform lives. Some of his most notable work has been seen on the football field with his Hall of Fame clients, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed of the Baltimore Ravens.

At M.B.S Fitness Lab, we believe in exercising your mind, body and spirit … focusing on all parts of our being as we strive for balance. Whether in-person or online, each workout will challenge you, change you and inspire you to want more.

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