The mark of a great company is one that values its employees and cares about their well-being.

These days it can be harder than ever to juggle the demands of work, family and everything else pulling us in a million directions.  It’s easy to understand how people become worn out, stressed out and often times, call out of work sick!  That’s no good for them and it’s no good for you! On the other hand, it’s much more likely that a healthy and happy employee will create a more productive workplace.  How do we get that?

PHYSICAL FITNESS is an inexpensive, but highly effective way to give your employees the balance they need to maintain their health and wellness at home and on the job.  People want to be healthy.  They just don’t know where to start and how to continue it.  We do.

MBS Fitness Lab provides:

Corporate Online Workout Plans

  • Convenient to access online workouts that can be done at home or on business travel from a phone, computer, tablet or tv
  • Wide variety of workout styles, from boot camp to yoga
  • Choice of working out alone with online instructor or for more accountability, invite co-workers, family and friends to join you in an online workout
  • Data System that allows employees to sync their activity trackers to record and measure their progress
  • Easy way for employers to measure progress as a company
  • Fun workplace fitness competitions to incentivize and motivate

Corporate Lunch and Learns

Monte talking to four women at a restaurant table.
  • Question and Answer session with Celebrity Fitness Trainer Monte Sanders
  • Demonstration of exercise programs to help employees kick-start their fitness journey

Corporate Fitness Retreats

  • Day, Weekend, or Week-long Fitness Retreats
  • Two customized workouts each day, including team bonding and moral building exercises
  • Daily Question and Answer session with Monte and his team, including nutrition and motivational tips
  • Customized Retreats to meet the needs of your employees

From an employer standpoint, the benefits of implementing a fitness program are immeasurable.  Spending the money on prevention, by ensuring your employees are fit, would save thousands of dollars in the long run, for the cost of illnesses, missed days from work and health care bills.

Research shows that preventable illness makes up 70% of total health care costs and that implementation of a health and fitness program can significantly reduce costs.  The average health care claim per employee is $3,000.  Worksites that include health and fitness programs demonstrate a substantial reduction in the cost of these claims.  Employees that participate in a health and fitness program demonstrate:

  • Fewer sick days
  • Decreased medical claims
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Less money spent on training new staff
  • Higher individual and overall employee productivity


Proven Track Record

Newspaper article about MBS Fitness Lab
alt="Newspaper article about MBS Fitness Lab"

One of Monte’s corporate clients, Clearview Consulting was featured in the Baltimore Business journal 2 years in a row as one of “The Best Places to Work.” The reason … their commitment to working out together with Monte! Clearview’s CEO was also awarded the title of Fittest CEO.

Corporate Camps for the Baltimore Police Department

They were so unprecedented, ESPN sent Reporter Rachel Nichols to cover them.  When the story aired, calls came in from around the country from Police Departments wanting Monte to bring camps to them.

“I was placed on inactive duty at work because of my poor health. After one month of working out with Monte’s fitness program, I was back on active duty, off my blood pressure medicine and losing weight.  This fitness program saved my life and career!”  Larry Armwood, Detective

“I have been a client of Monte Sanders for 3 years.  These workouts have given me the energy and the confidence to fulfill my duty as a police officer in Baltimore City.  Being in shape gives me the mental and physical strength needed to endure the stress of the job.  In order to care for others, we must first start with ourselves.  Monte gives that and more!”   Natalie Ring, Detective

Corporate Camps for the Baltimore Ravens

Monte was hired by the organization to conduct camps for their employees.  They saw the work he was doing with their star players, they also caught wind of the personal training he was doing with Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti and his wife, and everyone wanted in!

“Monte’s camps bring our employees together to work as a team to achieve results.  Wellness is a priority for our organization and we partner with Monte to get measurable results.  In addition to an hour of team-oriented participation as well as self-competition, each employee who participates in his camp, has seen improved cardiovascular endurance and improved overall strength.  His impact is immediate, measurable and unsurpassed.  Employees continually want Monte at our facility.” – Human Resources, Baltimore Ravens

If you want healthy, productive, well-balanced employees, contact us today!