Reshaping her Body and Life

My Coach Monte Sanders says slow and steady, trust the process! It gets frustrating sometimes, but I’m getting Stronger day by day… I’m down a total of 34lbs and 11 inches around my waist since I started on Thanksgiving morning! MBS Fitness Lab is tough I can’t lie! Many times I’ve rolled my eyes at coach 🙄 but the results are crazy!
I cant thank you enough coach! I can’t believe how I feel!!! I went from going upstairs out of breath to now running up and down steps with no problem at all! I’m sprinting fast and running (and I hate running) and have you seen my back?? Death to the back fat! Now working on murdering the muffin Top! I have to express my gratitude for the way you push me coach! Every time I want to give up you get in my head with that voice (loud booming voice lol) and it drives me to push harder!! You put God first in every workout! First thing we hear is worship music as soon as we walk in the gym. Last thing we do at the end is Praise God on 3. Thanks for letting God use you for your purpose! It has literally added years to my life. When I started I was weak and could barely run 1/2 of a lap. I was weak, off balance and overweight! Today I am lighter, stronger and feel great. People with your gift is rare in the world of greed and ego but you put us first! Thanks Coach!
11 inched off my waist that’s crazy!
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LaTonya Hines, Client

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