Never Too Late to Make A Change

Prior to attending my first camp with Monte, I had reached a point where I was very unhappy with myself due to the weight I had gained and could not lose after turning 50. I knew that something had to change.  A friend suggested I try Monte’s camp. Typically, I would not go to a gym or exercise class, but I was at the point that I had nothing to lose. From the first day of camp, I knew that I had stepped into a unique environment. It did not matter what shape I was in, how athletic I was or was not. I was welcomed by everyone present and encouraged to simply do my best.

It did not matter that I was the slowest runner – Monte and my fellow campers cheered me on and celebrated each finish as if I had crossed the line first rather than last. With encouragement from Monte and the class, I learned to challenge myself and exercise against myself to improve my level of fitness. When I started that first camp, I was barely able to do more than walk for any portion of the class.

Now, I rarely walk. I have lost weight, and noticeably have lost a lot of inches all over. But, more importantly, I have regained my spirit and belief in myself. While it is not fun to get up at 4:45a.m. to exercise, I look forward to going to camp to challenge myself and hear Monte say “just a little more”, “good job”, and “great finish”.

Casey Parson