In January of 2012 there was a church challenge between Empowerment Temple and Bethel Churches. I joined, Empowerment Temple won. I noticed the changes in my stamina and breathing. I also started making changes in my diet, so I continued the program.

By the end of April, I had lost 15lbs and that’s when I felt the lump in my breast. Exercise is so important when you are involved in the cancer fight. From then on the fight was on. My Sanders Optimum Fitness family gives continuous support. There are other survivors in our group.

Monte always discusses the importance of our physical being, spirit, mind and diet (especially creamy dressings and cheese). I will continue to participate with Sanders Optimum Fitness from now until eternity.

Love the classes, the fellowship, and making new friends…but most of all I appreciate the way I feel and look.

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