I have been involved in formal and informal workouts for over 40 years now. I participated in sports each season through high-school and participated in intercollegiate sports in college. I also trained and have participated in sports fairly consistently post college. Throughout that time I have come in contact with several excellent trainers, coaches and fitness experts.

About three years ago I was beginning to comeback from a period in my life where I had not been as active and I heard of Monte Sanders and Optimum Fitness. Monte is the most incredible trainer. He pushes everyone to do their best within their own lane. I am amazed how he can train the number of people he does, with the full gamete of athletes – from those new to training, to high level athletes, to just a lot of people trying to stay or get in shape. No matter, with Monte he’s ready to help and assist and train them all.

I feel that I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from and be trained by this man! On top of the training, Monte creates and inspires those participating in the program with a warm friendly almost family like atmosphere. I know I am hardly alone as someone who can’t wait to get back to the gym for the next class with Monte and friends.

After you tell people what you did in Monte’s class, those people think – “well you must be exhausted.” To the contrary, Monte helps give me a good attitude, energy and focus to give it my best throughout the day.

I have been blessed to learn from this truly inspirational, knowledgeable energetic man.

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