Best Shape of Her Life!

It was August 14, 2017 when I walked inside of Garrison Forest Gymnasium to work out with Monte Sanders with the MBS Fitness lab bootcamp, I thought I was in shape until the warm-up drill started lol. I was sweating in places I didn’t know was possible. I was eager to get through the drill. I initially wanted to lose only 20 pounds, but once I lost 20, I wanted to lose more so I became persistent and listened to coach about eating habits and started to get serious. I started to take sprints serious by October and my that’s when my waistline reared it head. By December I was really fine, after losing 31lbs by May of 2018 I was content with my weight-loss, but I still wanted to continue with the workouts.I was in the best shape of my life, I had mad energy after my workouts,although there were times I was too sore to walk, but once I stretched and rolled out my muscles I was good to go. But it was not easy, When we would have to sprint, Coach would scream “come on Crystal” and I would be like mannnn I am moving, but he pushed me to see the results I see today.I hate when he whisper “empty the tank” on out final sprint for the morning, I feel like my tank is already empty but I push through and finish. I have gotten faster and better but still progressing.
I have only missed one camp since I started and although the workouts are very intense, I continue to return at 5:30 AM 3 days a week.Coach always start the day with gospel music to set the tone, it is relaxing for stretching and conversing before the workouts start. Thank you coach for pushing me,
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Chrissy Adams, Client

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